Gone In 60 Seconds
Do you know where your car is?

You are going to see a movie that will make you think twice about the safety of your vehicle. Do you know if it is still in your driveway? GONE IN 60 SECONDS is a remake of H.B. "Toby Halicki's movie of the same name. The original GONE IN 60 SECONDS was released in 1974 and it was a drive-in movie hit that has become a cult classic. If you want to see more about the original then look at the end of the review for a url to the website that is maintained by Toby's widow as a memorial to her husband.

GONE IN 60 SECONDS is eye candy for car lovers. It is a film with no substance and little plot but still you leave satisfied because you get to feel the adrenalin rush that the car thieves feel. Let's face it we all love the power that a fast or special car gives us when we are behind the wheel. Dominec Sena gives us the thrills that we want from this type of movie. The car chase sequences in this film will not let you down.

Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicholas Cage) is a car thief of legendary proportions. He is a dream catch for many a cop, unfortunately know one seems to be able to pin him down to any robberies. No car arlarm or lock can keep him away from your car if he wants it. One day when the heat became too intense, his mother fearing that Randall's brother would become a car thief as well, asked Randall to leave. He abandons his life of crime and theft, his family and his love to find a new and different life. Now, his brother who entered the car theft business, is in serious danger for his life. Only Randall can save his life if he boosts 50 cars in 3 days.

Randall is in a quiet mid western town where he spends his time teaching kids to drive go-karts. One day a friend of his comes to tell him that his brother Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) is in trouble for botching an important car snatching job for a ruthless, ammoral baddie named Calitri, played very nasty by Christopher Eccleston. Randall goes to Calitri's scrap yard and offers him $10,000 to release his brother. After a bit of melodrama that ends up with Kip in a car crusher, Randall agrees to boost the 50 cars in three days to save his brother's life. If he fails Calitri will have Kip killed. The countdown begins.

Randall quickly recruits his old cronies and his old girlfriend which he had to leave behind. Angelina Jolie plays the women he still loves, Sara, a mechanic and accomplished car thief in her own right. To bad she doesn't appear in the movie more than she does. She is to good to be wasted in this film. He also recruits Donny (Chi McBride), Mirror Man (T.J. Cross) and probably the most interesting character who says nothing, Sphinx played by Vinnie Jones. We first see him working in a morgue where he keeps placing the sandwich he's eating on a corpse.

From this point on it's all planning and scouting out the vehicles to be boosted. They are some very fine vehicles indeed. Of course their is the inevitable cop who is glad to see Randall back so he can try an arrest him. The rest is just fluff until the main chase sequence. This chase scene of course is no where near the length of the 40 minute chase sequence in the original movie or even the intense chase sequences in VANISHING POINT but still it is the highlight of this film. Cage has to steal the last and most dangerous car, a 1967 Mustang GT 500. The chase involves cop cars, helicopters, a bridge, a tow truck and even a runaway propane tank. Bruckheimer gives us just a plain action film that will entertain and not strain the brain.

If you would like to see the website for the original film click here... the original GONE IN 60 SECONDS(1974)

the badboys
Nicolas Cage , Angelina Jolie , Giovanni Ribisi , Robert Duvall , Delroy Lindo
Dominc Sena
Scott Rosenberg
Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Stenson
Touchstone Pictures
RATING USA... Rated PG-13 for violence, sexuality and language
RATING CANADA... Rated PG for language
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