Steven Seagal, DMX, Isaiah Washington, Tom Arnold, Anthony Anderson

Andrzej Bartkowiak

Rich D'Ovidio, Richard D'Ovidio and Ed Horowitz

Dan Cracchiolo and Joel Silver

Warner Brothers

Rated R for strong violence, language and
some sexuality/nudity
Rated AA for strong violence and language

Pierced body parts, head injuries and more.

"You see this face, it's a happy face."

After a series of successful films, Steven Seagal became a crusader of causes and he put these causes into his films. All this equalled a series a movies that flopped. EXIT WOUNDS marks a return to to his trademark action films. Wisely he surrounded himself with a top name rap star, DMX and a good comedic sidekick. Many of the action stars who have been aging, Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Eastwood, to name a few, have come to the realization that they now need younger co-stars to balance them off. This combination makes for better films with mor ecommercial clout. Witness the success of TRUE LIES. Seagal's use of Tom Arnold was also a good move. The film features a young and old action hero and a young and old comedic relief. Anthony Anderson who plays TK is an excellent young comedic actor to offset Tom Arnold's older style. The use of these actors was well planned to acttract the widest possible audience. Does it succeed?
Well, at least this feature went to the theatres unlike some of Seagal's other endeavours of late that went direct to video. Seagal's performance does bring back memories of ABOVE THE LAW and UNDER SEIGE. Of course this film like those others does not rely only on Seagal's character. Let us face it, I have serious doubts whether Seagal can walk and talk at the same time. Except for his early pictures, I do not consider Seagal any more than a mediocre actor, but, I do like his fighting style. Forgetting the small plotholes and so-so acting the film was fun to watch.

"You don't think before you're fired."

For me there was one other reason to watch and enjoy the film. My home town of Hamilton was used in crucial chase sequences. The excellent photography made the Gore Park area of town look rather beautiful. Therefore the feature has a soft spot in the ol' heart. I easily recommend this film to anyone who likes to watch a good action film. This is the type of film that used to be shown mostly in drive-in theatres, so for the right flavour you may want to see it at your local ozoner.

"Shit, I can't swim."

The opening sequence sets the mood beautifully and also give us insight into the type of character Seagal is in this movie. During an assassination attempt, Detroit police officer, Orin Boyd (Seagal rescues the Vice President by throwing him over a bridge into river. Needless to say that resuce was not really appreciated and Orin finds himself demoted to a real bad precinct run by a female Commander, Annette Mulcahy played by Jill Hennessy. After some rough police work Boyd ends up having to go to sensitivity training. There he meets and becomes friendly with Henry Wayne (Tom Arnold), a television reporter, whom Orin saves from some hooligans.

"Because of cops like you, cops get a bad image."

We are soon introduced to Latrell Walker (DMX) and his buddy TK a big dude with a sense of humour. We quickly learn that Latrell has a brother in prison whom he is trying to prove innocent. He also likes expense cars as he purchases a brand new $280, 000 car, in cash. Hey what happened to the Ricco Act?

"You're making lots of friends here."

As Orin's career spirals downward he begins to discover that something is not quite right in his precinct. With the help of his cohorts he discovers that many officers in his precinct are corrupt and dealing in the lucrative drug trade. One of his problems is how high up does the corruption go and who can he trust?

"A lot of people talk about police corruption. I'm going to show it to the people."

It seems that Latrell Walker is the man who will help him discover the truth behind what is going on. Latrell is out to expose the police corruption himself and in so doing he hopes to rescue his brother from prison. He has his own team of specialists that includes TK, while Orin receives assistance from Henry Wayne.

Even though the story has been done before, it still has lots of twists and turns as well as plenty of fast cars, explosions and gunplay, all pre-requistes of a decent action flick. The action sequences are fast and furious and the stunt work is excellent and as believeable as to expected from this film genre.

"Say hello to my summo negro."

For those that need to know, expect to hear lots of strong language and see plenty of strip joint nudity.

"Hey can we film your surgery for the show?"

Make sure that you stay during the credits as there is a good and long sequence between TK and Henry Wayne on a television show. The two work off each other really comfortably. It is so natural, you would think that they were winging the entire chat so be ready to applaud after this bit. Trust me it is worth the time you spend to see it. Besides you always need those extra few minutes to slurp up that last little bit out of your jumbo size soda pop.

"He's strong as an ox; IQ of a handball."

Now all we have to do, is wait for the day that Seagal can walk and talk at the same time. Oooo, I'm so bad. Popcorn anyone?

"Why are we mad and what are we mad at?"

"Hey Serpico, you afraid of a little pain?"

"I don't need social security, I need police security."

"See how happy I make others."

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