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Flash: Insurance rates in Japan skyrocket once again.

The 23rd entry into the Gojira myth is finally explains somethings and introduces the orginal, improved Godzilla.

GODZILLA 2000 updates Godzilla into the 21st century and I am sure there will be many more installments of the Godzilla myth to bring to the silver screen. Well after the not so great American version of GODZILLA came out we waited with anxious breathe to see if Toho Productions would bring out another Japanese Godzilla movie. It's here and Godzilla once again single handed causes insurance rates in Japan to skyrocket. He always seems to destroy most of Tokyo while trying to save Japan or the world. The big guy (Tsutomu Kitagawa) in the rubber suit is the one and only Godzilla. This is one screen legend that should be left alone, the formula works.

I remember when I first saw the original GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS on television. It starred Raymond Burr (remember Perry Mason). Well actually he was added in later so that they could sell the film to the American audience. I remember buying a 16mm print of the film because at the time video tapes didn't exist. Yes I know, I'm showing the wrinkles. The neat thing about the movie was that at the end Godzilla was totally dissolved under water. Then one day he magically appeared alive and well in the first of many sequels. How? Well in GODZILLA 2000 we actually receive an explanation. I'll get to that later.

I think that Hollywood learned that Godzilla is the resident monster of Japan and should remain that way. Their Godzilla was just a JURASSIC PARK reject. The Godzilla we know and have loved for 23 films is the guy in the rubber suit that always crushes Tokyo. Hopefully it will remain that way. He does sport a new look in this film. He seemss a bit nastier and sports some new and bigger spines on his back.

GODZILLA 2000 does not have a great plot but it is fun to watch. It has some nice special effects to offset the usual poor english language dubbing. But who cares. The big lizard is back doing what he does best, breathing radioactive flame, stomping buildings and taking everything the army can dish out. It is amazing that we never see anyone killed during Godzilla films. This film is for the family. No swearing, no nudity and no bloodshed. It is an easy to watch movie.

We meet the GODZILLA PREDICTION NETWORK run by a father and daughter team. They spend all their time and finances studying Godzilla. The father discovers Rejuvenator G-1 which is a gene in Godzilla that causes him to regenerate when harmed or killed. This would explain how he came back to life after being total disintegrated in the original movie.

"Good God a spaceship. Is it friendly?"

Okay so now we have this giant rock that comes out of the sea. it turns out to be a spaceship buried for centuries. Guess what it wants from Godzilla. Yup, his regenerating power. The ship morphs into Orga and nasty looking creature that is a messed up version of Godzilla. He looks a suspiciously a bit like the American Godzilla in the face. Maybe that was Toho's little snipe at Hollywood. Anyway, this of course leads to a fun battle all over Tokyo. In all this, there is also a human villian, Mitsuo Katagiri, of course played by Hiroshi Abe. He sounds and looks like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne rolled into one. All he wants to do is capture Godzilla and kill him. Bad man.

The film consists of lots of action and fight scenes worthy of any wrestling movie. Lots of human bravery and sacrifice and of course lots of really bad dubbing. That is all there is to say. It is a film worth seeing with the kids and lots of popcorn. Fun to be had by all. By the way the original Japanese title is...Original title: Gojira Mireniamu. Gotta go now...GODZILLA FOREVER

Takehiro Murata , Hiroshi Abe , Naomi Nishida , Shiro Sano and Mayu Suzuki
Takao Okawara
Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Shogo Tomiyama
Columbia Tristar
RATING USA... Rated PG for monster violence and mild language
RATING CANADA... Rated PG with scenes of terror
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